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Yesterday morning AJ made a video rant about TYT claiming to be the number one alternative media outlet. He listed a bunch of metrics by which it is measured that this is not the case, and he did it in his legendarily hyperbolic wild man style. I knew what he meant, but I was, like, put a shirt on Alex, you so haven't lost enough weight yet to pull this off.

Last night one of my friends favorited TYT's smug response to this embarrassing display. They used the numbers from only one AJ channel on YouTube and they ignored utterly all the other measures in a dazzling display of the kind of "progressive" superiority that drives huge segments of the population batshit crazy. It was perfect. Score one for Cenk.

Score zero for everyone deceived by this.

I am not saying I liked Alex's stupid rant. It was one of those unbearable displays that makes it so easy for people to dismiss him as a lunatic. Lunatic truthtellers live the longest. It's crazymaking to watch smug fucknuts lying their heads off and making it seem hip to agree with them. The progressive fascists make heavy use of your vanity and this is the single most provocative aspect of liberalism to the legions of blue collars who also vote blindly against their own interests every time.

While anyone who sat me down for an in depth examination would declare me an extreme example of left libertarianism, the default for most would be to call me a "progressive". I hate that term. It's been shit on by vain prigs for so long it's pure totalitarianism now. There isn't an ion of actuality in that term anymore. I'm not going to list the multifarious neon signs that back me up on this. If you can't see it, I'm not going to argue with you. I just think you need to quit talking about critical thinking.

I don't think people like Alex Jones have that luxury. He's out there trying to show people who are either short of IQ or too hypnotized to use it—or both—that the polemics are killing us. He has a LOT of liberal icons on and he treats them with respect, communicates affably and productively with them, and puts this in the faces of millions of Red State flag wavers. If he does not also use some of their pet slogans and talismans—like the sneering invocation of "Al Gore" as a verb—they will stop listening to him. That would be a great loss. He spends however many hours a day he's in the public eye exposing every level of deception he can cram into the time. This is a great service EVEN when you disagree with him vociferously, and even when he's acting like a prize jackass.

For anyone who really wants to train themselves to stop defaulting to their mental conditioning, he is a great resource.