against our grain

[click image, h/t Nancy Red Star]


I come from a politics of lifestyle given to a type of altruism given to manifest as conceit. It drives me nuts. Most of my people are heavy into sophistry. Most of them plainly look down their noses at stupid people... many of whom are indeed stupid, but many of whom merely sound stupid. My people think Birthers are stupid bigots who are red neck superstitious about communism. My people are good people who SERIOUSLY can't see their hypocrisy and baseless sense of superiority. We are generally referred to as "liberals"... sometimes "leftists".

I don't know what is the truth of Ofucker's birth, or if it is remotely meaningful, given our present straits, but I do know a couple things. I know there is a basis to question the authenticity of his records pertaining to citizenship. I know that Arpaio has been slammed HARD by the liberal press in recent years. This MAY be about his political leanings alone. He may have been being smeared for propagandistic purposes... like Chavez, like Putin, like Ahmadinejad.

If you have the patience to endure an hour and a half of droning and pomposity, you might get a real idea that there IS something seriously fishy about the provenance of the Obomber... the murderating fuck peace laureate.