andrew breitbart was no friend of the people

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But there IS a good chance he was murdered. The PTB are fond of killing whoever has the dirt on them and they do NOT care if we know they're killing these people. It only helps to keep people too terrified to act. Keeps the AUTHORITIES too terrified to act.

It seems that most of my friends on BOTH sides of the jackass partisan pinhead polemic agree Breitbart's death is no loss to conservatives OR liberals. He worked full time at taking us ALL down, but we need to be AS concerned with his death as we have been with the loss of Paul Wellstone, who WAS a friend to us all. We cannot continue to have law enforcement this terrified. We cannot let the space lizards continue killing anyone they want.

This death needs to be VIGOROUSLY investigated and EVERYONE, every American, needs to be hollering for it.