i am sick to death of homosexuality

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I do NOT know who invented it, or why, but I do know people have been driving me nuts with it for nearly half a century. I'M SO SICK OF IT I COULD JUST MOVE OFF WORLD. People are SUCH jackasses! I have gay friends. It's okay with me that they are gay. I'm glad they love each other. I don't trust loose people. I do not think they particularly deserve to be held up in society as the All-American family because... well... because they aren't. They're gay. I do not have to decide whether or not it's okay for them to be married. I have determined that they are humans. End of story.

It being slow in the arena of my usual enthusiasms and me feeling guilty for not wishing to hassle over gay rights one iota, I cut off my agonized browsing amongst spectacular Lusitano stallions to add viewership to Hollywood's A Listers' orgasm of sanctimony on YouTube for the motherfucking TEDIOUS cause, okay?

It should be uploaded for viewing at your convenience shortly.