i know it seems goofy

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Because Wilcock is a twit... but... dudes... it is seriously depressing around here today... this week....

The weather SUCKS. We've seen barely an indication of a sun for many days. The awful hard gusts of wind have lessened, but it has just been wall-to-wall thick grayness with a lot of wet radiation falling out of it. No sun. No moon. No stars. No sky. A huge gray sponge blotting out Khoonkhwuttunne. It seems to be cramming in the deep unhappiness inhabiting the area and I am stuck in it. I have always been outrageously vulnerable to the misery around me, and the wet radiation seems to be intensifying it.

So. It seems to me that Wilcock articulated a scenario where this shit stops being a problem this year. It seems to me he does it in this video. I'm turning it on and kicking back to entertain the notion that it, no matter how fantastical, is in some wise true.

Even though it's only March, we are all old enough to know we can make it through to the year no matter how awful it is all around us.