i like this man

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He has a way of enhancing Ben's dignity and sticking to the bottom line. I can see this plainly, and it accords perfectly with my insights. It chastens me in my merry kneejerk resort to gonzo. My callow need to point things out in an undignified manner. I don't like stuffy. I distrust stuffy. But this guy isn't being stuffy. He's according Ben the dignity I heartily agree he deserves. I know some of you are skeptical at least and others derisively so... and so, I guess, I go right back into my daffodil routine to blunt the unacceptability of my insight.

Well, bullshit.

I can hang with how hard it is to stick with it, here, because, in our milieu, he sounds daft. The truth sounds daft to those living lies. I mentioned before that even if it isn't so, it should be. When lucid adults look up and find every single mechanism for controlling the power structure is broken, the immediate resort would be to cast about for organizations strong enough to help successfully combat the perfidious fucks who broke the system.

So we can be glib about ninjas all we like, but we are the jackasses for doing it, not Ben.