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In the many months intervening, there have been many indications this, or something like it, has been the plan. Everybody wants to know why they're doing this shit. It could be as simple as a belief in massive destruction and the determination to be the race that comes out on top... that the immiseration of billions is not to fatten themselves, but to weaken us. What is always the rub between you and your desire to have your own space, with your own resources, where you can just live out your days impervious to these shitheads? The wherewithal. Why would it be of any consequence to them who can protect themselves by growing their own food, or producing healthy food for others? Why bother with all these fascistic executive orders? What could be the purpose beyond leaving this planet to them?

They can't possibly want an Orwellian dystopia.

No, seriously. Even those who would come out on top would NEVER want that kind of world. It's too unremittingly awful to keep being that nasty. Being nasty is only worth it when it buys you something better. They are NOT doing this to be fascist dictators. They are doing it to get this planet to themselves.