i'm afraid it is going to get rough

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I am starting to get more selective about what Alex Jones stuff I listen to. Insofar as he has been stumping for unification, I am with him 100%, but the problem is: He has ramped it up a notch. He's out there pressing the flesh to muster the real opposition to the psychopaths. This MEANS he is going to have to run to the right much harder, at least for a while, because they are his base. They are his protection. He has put himself in an unsafe position.

Personally, it is a relief to see someone ramp it up like this, but no one can deny that doing so is a dangerous thing... else... of course... we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. So... I'm not going to blast the guy for screaming out stuff that pisses me off in the middle of his bid to galvanize the zombies, okay?

Rednecks are pretty raw company some of the time, but THEY are going to be the ones to fish our fat out of the fire... IF it will be done at all. I have spent too long with "progressives" to fall for their hubris anymore. I listened to almost all of his Dallas appearance last night. It was tough going, but I got most of it. He said, "We can kill each other later."

That's exactly right. Right now, THE enemy of all has to be taken down. Once we have our freedom again, then we can sort out the details. In the meantime, I guess I have to learn to endure bullshit like this, try to skip over it lightly in recognition of his need for solidarity from the people with the guts and heart to protect him, but it's not a walk in the park for me. There are a few million ways to attack Obomber that are not mindfucks. I wish so many "patriots" didn't have to have the cheesy and xenophobic hooks, but, well, just try to remember that AJ is doing this for the WORLD, screaming it, at the same time he is feeding the xenophobes. He's getting the xenophobes to fight for all humanity.

I wish we had someone even half as effective on the left.