natural phenomena like famine plague war

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I wonder sometimes if pigs like Geldof didn't sell out to the dark cabal in defense of the planet. Leaving aside the filthy lack of insight it takes to lump war in with famine and plague, and it IS filthy, there are those moments when I feel like cheering on the genocidal fucks to get rid of the grubby masses who would die before transcending their dirt ignorant ways. I mean, I wonder at how many never come to the break point where it's not worth it to them to keep raping the earth just to stay alive. Maybe Geldof sees war as natural because of this very thing, but, right here, he has admitted to being one of the ones who should never have been allowed to reproduce... no?

I disagree wildly with Alex Jones on the matter of reproducing ourselves into extinction, and his sick devotion to capitalism. I do excuse him most of the time because I can see that he says so many things, without meaning them, strictly to bring more people into the fold. He's rallying those masses who won't stop subtracting from life in their determination to both stay alive and not rise spiritually or intellectually. We should not look down our noses at them because we need them if we are ever to vanquish the psychopaths in charge, the space lizards.

But I think there may be a break point out there where I throw in with despicable fucks like Geldof, not because I want the psychopaths to survive, but because there comes a POINT where either a few survive or everything dies.