the pall broke

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I woke up this [actual] morning to the strangeness of light. I looked out the window. The sky was white. This would have made me giddy if I'd had some coffee yet. Sometime after my coffee blue sky was boldly evident in a number of places out there. OMFG!

It's been over a week. And the weather has been both unremittingly miserable and downright mean. I still don't know if the pall of it was what had me in such a state or if one of my neighbors was of a quasi-homicidal cast of mind, poisoning my atmosphere even more than usual. I don't know where it was coming from. I hope it wasn't someone perfect doing something like dying on me. I feel a distant blade. Whatever it was, I still don't know, but the weather here was CERTAINLY no part of anything remotely like help.

Anyway, since it's March, I thought to have a shower. And, emboldened by this singular act, I sallied forth for groceries. There were a couple codgers at the entrance, taking donations for this year's fireworks. They started shamelessly flirting with me and offering me candy. I was reeling from the price of filling up my gas tank, gasping still, as this fusillade of adoration from these coots was breaking on my shores. So I stopped to gripe about it and inquire as to their marital status. They demanded my return after I got my groceries.

I almost didn't make it home from the store. I haven't felt this wanted in ages....