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The salient line:

In any case, this war is as much about the collective consciousness of the people
of the planet as it is about money and armies.

It is literally a matter of life and death to drag your consciousness up out of the quicksand. Don't thrash and panic or you're dead sooner. Salvation lies in lightness and acuity of spirit... and teamwork, where feasible. Tightness kills. Depression and defeatist type anger herald only doom. You do NOT have a right to these things. The privilege of survival comes to those with the heart to make it so.

Knowledge is a deadly friend.

It can't be the kind from only thinking, what they call it, what you've been told, what you've made of what you've been told. It has to come from your true mind, your real sight, or you sink in this. We all sink in this.

Stop! Look!


I am speaking of the all-seeing EYE. It's not out there somewhere. It's in here. Everyone has one. But few see with it. Anyone wishing to rule the world will do everything to convince you never to look with it. They will construct the world such that you don't even know you have that power... so you don't even know that you are that eye the masses have been led to believe is the messiah... the messiah out there is actually the messiah in here.

They can't control anything if you are not as far from this realization as can be imagined. That is why they do everything in the world to keep you confused and frustrated and fearful. That is why you have been bombarded with mental conditioning since you came into the world. That is why your TV spews relentless crap. That is precisely what must remain hidden at all costs. Your third eye, your all-seeing eye, must remain a complete mystery to you.

The only way to beat them is to get with this truth and use it.