boiling it down

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I have heard so many people mentioning that the first casualty of war is the truth. I've heard so many people griping about the psyops being used against us. I've heard so many people griping about Ben Fulford, about Ben's Thing, going on about "facts" as though they could discern them in this pot of goo world stage.

Someone comes up with a psyops to use on the bad guys and those who fancy themselves critical thinkers dis him every chance they get.

Enough of these guys out there bragging about their insider connections about to bring the hammer down is going to sow doubt in the minds of psychopaths. Maybe even enough paranoia to cripple them. And why should they feel sanguine about their ability to turn us into literate baboons or fertilizer even if they are not crippled?

The point is: you have never been able to trust in the veracity of any "fact" given you by someone else. You liking the cut of their jib has been the sole determining factor of the truthiness of what they say. Oh, no? You looked in a reference book? Who published that? And why?

If you had grown up in a world with media like THIS, what would you be calling "critical thinking" now?

The whole battle has always been for your mind. Not for anything else. Because it determines what takes place and who is in charge around here. So if you're out there pouting about how wuwu I'm getting, think again.

... if you are up to thinking at all.