i decided to take a new tack

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Getting up from my nap sometime after midnight, my eyes took some ten or fifteen minutes to start seeing anything particular. I guess the need for certain kinds of sleep simply must have its day, even if I needed to get to the grocery store. Now all there is for it is Safeway or Denny's down in Crescent City. I'm considering grabbing a candy bar at a gas station and driving down for sunrise at the LBJ grove, see if I can't consult the trees.

But, in any case, I need to muddle around on the tubes before I make my start, wait until I can see, wait until the befuddlement lifts, endure milk in my coffee until I can get to the half and half. I can't track with my bookmarked sites. Not at all. So just find a thread in some corner of Out There and follow links on the comments thread. Immediately I come up with THIS and THIS.

It is not only space lizards mindfucking humans.

We've taken it up for ourselves and do it to each other.

Money is the mechanism of everything evil in this world. It isn't that space lizards came down and exploited it. It is that they made it up to use on us. They saw that the only way to corrupt us was to appeal to our greed for ease. If you do that, there is no amount of unease or disease that will be too much to endure to get other people to do your work for you. There is a set of people who can just write whatever numbers they want into their bank accounts and never do anything for themselves, chuckling over how this provides every possible luxury while others work their butts off to keep a roof and food on their families. I'm not even talking about billionaires who did or do something approximating work to amass their fortunes.

I'm talking about the ones who concocted the system to begin with and their sundry descendants. Pure fiction. Thin air. Enforced by centuries of mental conditioning and peopled with every conceivable way to perpetuate itself until doomsday or mass enlightenment. The latter comes after the former... to the glee of a select few.