i do not see why we have to keep fighting about this

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It has been shown, abundantly, if you drop your partisan conditioning and look, that humanity is mortally confused about climate, ergo completely incompetent in the area of any measure whatever aimed at dealing with it. There are enviro-fascists and capital-mongers cranking out propaganda for all they're worth, vying for your energy. Just drop them. All of them. And look.

We are crapping all over our PLANET. Plain as day. Everywhere you look. Everywhere you measure. Whether or not it affects climate is MOOT.

Are you nuts?

There is something we can do about this. It isn't being done because the filthy space lizard controllers are, at the very least, unconcerned with cleaning up the mess... unless... unless you count their determination of depopulate the planet in the very most lucrative manner possible. All of this is easy to fix. They have to go. The rest is just hassling away the hours between right this very now and our doom.