i have a friend who is huge on david sereda

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So... I'm listening on his account, but so far it sounds like the guy with Henrik yesterday... some guy whose loose associations are extremely convincing to him... but not to me. Personally, I think Sereda was probably an electronics geek in elementary school and now he's incorporating that ethos into his generally happily airy-fairy New Age income stream.

I know a couple hoity-toity mathematicians who are serious about their religion, that numbers are God, that numbers are not thought up. Numbers pre-exist our "discovery" of them. I think they would love that Leeds maniac who was talking with Henrik yesterday. I was listening but my ears were glazing over. Later, contrite, I tried one of his videos. And, well, it serves to remind me that the great ability of the wide open human mind to find patterns is not always an asset.

Trying to be generous, I think Sereda suffers from this worse than most.


Oh, oh, sorry, I was going to warn you that you have to endure Kerry Cassidy's singing [droning] and interviewing [harrying] if you are going to listen.