i was on this point with my teacher

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We settled it long ago. No science needed. It is immaterial whether actual walking around collusion is involved. A common outlook is all it takes to make individual efforts conspire. This inheres my use of the term "space lizards". You get a bunch of psychopaths running things, the commonality of personal objectives will come together to form the most perfect tyranny, even as each will be avid to eat the other. They don't love each other. They don't love. Our system was built to favor psychopaths, space lizards. And the language of force is all they understand.

This is why I say that, regardless of the veracity of what Benjamin Fulford says, he's the only one talking sanely. Lately, he's been joined by some of the leading lights of Out There. I don't think that is such a good thing, but insofar as they continue to muster solidarity with forcing out space lizards, I'm good with it.