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Please try to hold back your conditioning for at least a moment and really hear what this kid is saying. You're no good to anyone if you just let your fear of lethal radiation take over your brain. This kid is corroborating what Ben Fulford told us about the radiation levels in Tokyo. I'm appalled. I am angered. I'm fighting my urges to go postal on a bunch of "innocent" mindfuckers again.

There is a POINT that simply MUST be made.

Anti-nukes activists and regular walking around anti-nukes sympathizers are GOING to focus on the danger. They're not going to think twice about MAGNIFYING the danger, because it serves their ends.


Actuality is NOT affected by it. The state of your inability to deal with actuality is, though, grievously impaired by it. THAT serves the space lizards, but you are not served by it. Life is not served by it. The ability to draw cogent conclusions and act to remediate damage is CRIPPLED by this crap.

Ben went out and around Tokyo with a friend's geiger counter and measured the radiation. It wasn't significantly above normal background. There is NO reason any human living in Tokyo would lie about such a thing. But in case you are still unclear about that, the samples sent to this kid from nearest Tokyo showed the same thing.

To use the radioactivity-of-Tokyo thing against Ben is FILTHY.



We are talking about heavy metals. Yes, a bunch of it was aerosolized in the explosions, most of it being blown in a northwesterly trajectory from Fukushima. Ground measurements confirm this. And, yes, horrifying numbers of gallons of irradiated water have been dumped in the Pacific. This will do utterly heinous damage for a completely unacceptable amount of time. We can't even contemplate the extent of it, even in the best case scenario. But the bulk of the radioactive stuff is heavier than the air around it and heavier than the water around it. It SUCKS, but it is NOT [at least not yet] the end of Planet Earth.

You can't pour your energies and talents into the remediation part if you are only emitting bursts of alarm, not allowing this to be something that admits remediation by the application of intelligent measures. If you are wasting all your time using your alarm to pump up the polemic between you and evil people, NOTHING gets better, EVER.