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I will almost never listen to John Lash. It isn't that he doesn't make a lot of good points, valuable points, bring important considerations to the table. It is because the pitch of his ego problems makes me feel as though I'm listening to fingernails on a blackboard holding forth. It doesn't ebb. It is made bearable by the presence of Thomas Sheridan here, way up there on the hierarchy of liberation from ego. He isn't wasting our time trying to train us away from dismissing him. He doesn't take up three quarters of any interview or lecture with that shit. He cuts to the chase. He is not rigid and not wishy-washy. And I think he managed to shave Lash's agonizing time wastage down to under twenty percent. No mean feat.

Anyway, there are some great points made here. Ones I'm certain all of you want to contemplate.

I'm a little disappointed they didn't really get into the fact that our entire "civilization" is firmly rooted in the psychopathic control mentality. Summary execution alone would not quite cover it, but this is a very good start.