trying not to cop a 'tude

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I have spent many hours today enduring some hard core bliss ninny action. It is APPALLING. Makes me want to go out and start knocking heads together. Show them all about nonviolence. Those who ignore all the starvation and slaughter to fearfully choose love, when they don't have the first part of a clue about what love is, should be lined up and shot. So they'd be getting off easy. You can say you're choosing love until doomsday, and no doubt will, but that doesn't make it so. There isn't a pill for this. You can't gobble speed and lose this weight.

Notwithstanding the bliss ninnies' complete cluelessness about love, the idea of concentrating on liberation together on the next full moon—8:30pm here in Pacific Time, 5 May—is a good one. Even if you are about as spiritually driven as your lawn mower, it will help all sentient beings, because, truly, where you put your energy counts for something, and it really counts for something when it is joined with others' energy. This is why the fucksters concentrate on keeping us bummed. They need the room to work. We can deprive them of that by daily doing whatever we can to get in touch with our own power, even if it is as lame as doodling with colored pencils, and we can try to participate in these mass visualization exercises.

Just mark the time down and plan to sit down and think about your ideal world at that time on that day, and forget the airy-fairiness of the twits out there counting on benevolent aliens to lift them out of this ugliness. Even if you, too, are disinclined to do the work, just thinking about your most loving idea of this world for a few moments in solidarity with living things will help.

Just because jackasses thought it up, doesn't mean it's completely unworthy. Forget their lightless blithering and just know that, despite how wrong they have got it, setting your heart on good things is not nothing.