vastly more deadly than chernobyl

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I have worried the most about No. 3. That was the one with the MOX, the plutonium. Some say No. 4 had MOX rods in its cooling tank. I don't think that tracks unless maybe they'd been using MOX in that reactor earlier. Anyway, 3 was the one that blew sky high, the very deadliest stuff known to man. There would be people in the area who became dead from it right away. A stupidly tiny amount of plutonium will kill your ass in a hurry. But we don't hear of this.

Certainly there would be enough humans with knowledge of the real conditions extant, giving us the real story by now. They are not all dead. They are not mutes. They are not utterly immobile or without resort to decent communications.

Nobody's measuring... or rather there is a circus of measurement and all conflicting... which keeps boiling down to nobody measuring to my way of thinking. Instead, maybe I could say that whoever is measuring is not saying. I can say that because every one of us out here is still utterly confused, having no real grip on the situation that extends much beyond the catastrophe horn in our heads continuing to blast in the background.

I started browsing Chernobyl images because it was so much less catastrophic than Fukushima. Little kids horrifically deformed. Gray, wet, bleak, lots and lots of black and white.

We gave Russia the business for a long time about not admitting the accident for three days. Times have changed. But... I do not think the human interest in avoiding lethal amounts of radiation has changed. So something we are not considering inheres the information blackout... and it cannot be bad news. They would not want to keep bad news from us.


The next day:
Matsumura is a shill for the cabal. I and three colleagues have each personally checked for radiation in dozens of locations in Tokyo, Gunma, Chiba, Ibaraki, Nagano etc. and never found anything except normal background radiation. It is fear mongering by the cabal. I live 200 kilometers from Fukushima and am not in the least bit worried.
I must be locked-on with Ben....