about half way between minamisoma and iwaki

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On the east coast of Japan, you will find the remains of Fukushima Daiichi. You can see that the city of Yamagata, where the radiation in question was measured, a couple weeks after the disaster, is about between northwest and north-northwest of the plant. This lies directly in the path of the plume from the explosions in the days immediately after the disaster. It was a relatively narrow plume, maybe ten degrees at its widest point and narrowing back to less than the width of the plant at the source. So, yes, unfortunately Yamagata University, which is not on the west coast of Japan, got nailed by lots of radioactive heavy metals, the bulk of which, thankfully, are too heavy to stay up in the air that long.

But if you are reading this headline right now, you are going to be thinking it's some kind of revelation. Except we've known that was the path of the plume for over a year. We've known it had to be many times worse than Chernobyl from Day One because there is plutonium at Daiichi and there was none at Chernobyl. Yes, yes, we know this, but the government wouldn't say so. So this is proof.

Excuse me, this is sensationalism, not proof. Dragging up news over a year old to put in a headline today is sensationalism. And dragging it up as some sort of intimation that Ben Fulford is lying his head off about the radiation levels in Tokyo is just plain psychotic.

Reading the post ought to make you realize the headline is sensational and clicking the links and translating them will surely do it.

But few do that. If it got posted at all right now people are most apt to default to the assumption that it is new and vital information, now aren't they? They are. Most of them don't bother to plot this on a map or to put together what they should know about physics with the actual catastrophe. There's going to be a blot at least the size of Japan that spells Lethal Radiation in their heads. They're going to put Tokyo in that zone for sure. It's not in that zone. People who live there have checked. People who don't live there have checked. With a couple notable exceptions in the latter group, they all say Tokyo is not affected... at least not yet.

And it wouldn't be. The plume did not go in all directions. And what of it got up into the atmosphere then blew due east toward North America almost immediately. Since then, the bulk of the radiation has been escaping into the Pacific Ocean, unless there have been explosions we don't know about. Do you read me? The hot particles are in the main too heavy to go that far in the air. The further you get from the original plume, the less radiation there will be. Yes, it adds to the general radioactivity on the planet. Yes, it is awful, awful, awful and 100% more than ever should have been loosed on the world, but no, it isn't still spreading like it did at the start. What goes up must come down, unless it's lighter than air. Nothing in those reactors was lighter than air. The worst of it has already hit us.

So even if you don't buy that there is any means to remediate completely the original dispersal of radioactivity, the worst of the damage was almost immediate. We might not have seen the worst of the death from it yet, but the situation out here is not getting worse. It certainly is getting worse in the ocean and in the ground, if not enough remediation is taking or has taken place. I happen to think it has, but you can still think the technology has only gone as far as molecular dissociation beams for spectacular building demolition if you want. That would make it so that we still need to be wary of foods grown in the north of Japan and seafood from that side of the Pacific. It still does not amount to anyone in Tokyo coming up with bubkes and saying so being a killer. There is no lucid basis for that shit.

I don't know if the rest of the spent fuels dropping out of what's left of the fuel pools will cause more neutron beams to fry whatever's in their path, but, if the radiation has not been, and won't be, neutralized, or lessened very substantially, we can expect a big dead zone around the area for millennia, and a bigger area of unacceptable background radiation, a planet with unacceptable background radiation, the survivability of which is still a question, for about the same length of time. But that is already the case. However much worse it can get is already the case if there has not been and won't be any remediation. There are plenty of people in Japan who know all this shit already, whether or not the government has said so or mandated evacuations of places too radioactive to live in anymore. The subject sensational post was taken from Japanese sources. They're not ignorant children. They know what's up.

The people living in those places are already moving if they are going to. Is there a site taking donations for evacuating residents who will move? Is there an effort being mounted to do more than is being done about this? If not, why not? Those in the know have the information and if it were a threat to them, what could keep them from making that effort?

Either that the damage is already done or that there is no threat of more of it. No?

And if you think yes, what does that really mean?

It means to me that you think everyone with any power on planet earth is either stupid or suicidal. Do you think that? Seriously. If there are all these websites broadcasting all this bad news, whether fresh or dated, and there are a shitload of them, how can you think otherwise?