don't forget tonight

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The moon turns full at 8:35pm PDT... adjust for your time zone... and you want to be sitting quietly and concentrating on the kind of world you want. Maybe you want to go sit by the river or in your favorite grove of trees. Maybe you have a power spot where the yimmering of your personality seems nowhere to be found and only beauty and courage and intimacy with all being streams through your mindscape. The TV should not be on if you have to stay home. Unplug your phone. Bind and gag your children, friends and relatives if they aren't going to join you. I don't know if it will help to actually be looking at the moon when you're in your heartspace, but full moons are power times and this one is supposed to be extra-powerful and we need to fix this. So, seriously, don't forget. Even if you will only give it one minute, put your heart into it, and let's prevail.