fulford bashers take note

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Mister North, a man with more patience for the harpy of Camelot than I, has linked us to her latest offering. I won't bore you with my gales of regret over the fact of her subtracting from the full benefit we might have derived from an interview with this man. I'll just drape myself in black here and do a little voodoo to send it packing while you are listening to this.

If you, and I know there are at least two of you, have been wanting to know what earthly connection there is between Ben's Thing and the Keenan lawsuit there could be, and if there is one what possible hope for efficacy might inhere the filing of it, here's your chance to catch the wave.

As soon as I've written my black invective on a piece of paper and burnt it with the flame of a pristine white candle, I will go about celebrating Mister North's patience, and start scheming for some means to use this information toward some earthly benefit.


I don't suppose any of you knows someone who can translate the Japanese half of THIS post? Google makes a total hash of it.