if i'd heard this before it didn't sink in

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Now it has. I was listening to some podcast or other yesterday and the guy being interviewed seemed to be an expert on almost everything. This made me not want to listen, but then I decided to leave it on to blot out the noise of the walking around world out there while I tried to have a little nap. Before I fell asleep I heard the guy saying that wheat is poison. All wheat is poison. Preposterous. What a preposterous statement! Then he said it didn't used to be poison, but somewhere decades ago they modified it to be shorter with fatter wheat heads and in the process a couple of really nasty bits got bred into it. We put this together with me being in the middle of testing to see if wheat is exacerbating my little problem with inflammation, and actually noticing that I feel better, and, well, this bit about wheat being poison has a definite ring of truth to it.

I think it's been about a week since I had any wheat, a scone out in the world because I was too damn hungry to get the rest of what I had to do done. So it's been two weeks since I had any wheat but that scone, and I feel better. I have not woken up to a disaster puffy face and hands and feet in all that time. I've managed to haul out when it was still seriously respectably morning for something like five or six days in a row. And I'm less out of it when I get up. I actually feel some vestige of chi lurking around in there even before I've had coffee.

The lady who cuts my hair gasped that I'd lost weight. I don't think I have. I think she just thinks that because I'm not all puffed up like a fuckin' balloon right now. Or... I've lost weight and I just haven't verified it. I can still, with a major amount of work, get into my size 6 pants, but I think that's only due to the miracle of stretched denim, not that I can brag I'm still a 6. Those men's Calvins, the 31/32s that had become baggy on me are not baggy on me lately. So I think Dawn was exaggerating. Anyway, I haven't gained back most of the weight I lost four or five years ago, but I'm fatter than I want to be and having a hell of a time battling the bloat to get some kind of handle on what is doable and what is not.

Part of me wants to just stop giving a damn about my weight, but unfortunately for me I stop being able to get oxygen to my brain while sleeping when I start getting too fat. Just about the only thing better than just eating whatever the hell I want is getting oxygen to my brain. So I've been trying to muster the will to go back on my brutally specific weight loss regimen and decided to first just nix the wheat, per my doctor's suggestion, to see if that helps at all. It's helping. My feet are not swollen. You can see my neck. You can see the wrinkles on my face. And this has been true every day, without interruption for a couple weeks.

[T]he lectins in wheat ... are glycoproteins that have the curious ability to “unlock” the proteins lining the human intestinal tract that determine what substances can enter the blood or lymphatic system and what substances cannot. The intestinal tract must be selective in what is allowed to enter the human body else all manner of diseases can be triggered, especially autoimmune diseases. Wheat lectins disable these proteins. This is the suspected explanation for why wheat consumption has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases like dermatitis herpetiformis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and a variety of other inflammatory diseases.
It's probably not even the famous "gluten sensitivity" new agers love to brag about. It's simply that wheat is not wheat anymore. Nobody told me. That one slipped past me. All the wheat in the world is poison.

Well. I'm wondering now if there are not some covert wheat fields that are the good old non-toxic wheat, and if there are, I think we should set about finding them, getting the seed and then burning the poison wheat fields.