set the controls for the heart of the moon

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Or get fancy and go for the heart of the universe. It's only a little over two hours until the full moon is perigee and we want to be applying the Zen like the jockey in the Kentucky Derby today. It works. You can't be arrested for it... yet... I don't think anyway.... It's jolly unfair I won't be able to be watching as it happens, or not with my eyeballs anyway. Maybe Mister North can catch it from up in Canada if the sun's down in time there. He's threatening to maybe share the images with us if he can. So, but, I'm going to shock the world and apply soap and shampoo to myself in preparation for this big event.

Just sit down and empty your head of everything except your best idea of a perfect world. Leave your heart open to pour out and soak in all the love there is. Perigee at 8:35pm PDT. Hits full a minute earlier. Be there or be square.