temperament tantrums

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All day I have been catching little flickers of this out of the corner of my eye. Nobody seems to know if this is the alert or some incarnation of a false alarm from before, or whut. I don't either. I just think it is supremely weirdly presented and not even on their home page. Instead, there's the donate button and Elvis wishing he were in Dixie.

But the bastions of Out There are atilt in every direction, depending on temperament alone. Cases in point:

For Those Disposed to Cynicism
The Laws of the Land

These laws are applicable during the current era of humanity known as the Kali Yuga (Age of Conflict) or Iron Age. They are not only the product of observations by many astute observers over millennia, but also the distillation of many a profound contemplation. Deep reflection on this question, which has bedeviled so many inhabitants of this earth plane, has produced the following laws of the land.

Law #1:
True worldly power never, ever reveals itself. It always stays hidden from view. If you think you see it, hear it, feel it, then it is not real power. This abiding modus operandi is what allows true worldly power to stay in the ascendant position, as well as to continue to accrue even more power unto itself.

Law #2:
Secrecy is the very essence of its grip on mundane power; therefore, it will always act with the utmost secrecy. With exposure comes vulnerability, and true worldly power will never risk such potential disclosure. Its superior position is forever maintained and solidified because it is a secret that none knows except the power itself. Even those who reside close to the peak of world power never know from whom the orders and dictates originate.

Law #3:
During the Kali Yuga, true worldly power never changes hands. It may appear to, but never really does. Just as the locus of geo-political power and military might appeared to shift over the millennia and centuries from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans … to the French to the Spanish to the British, etc. the true power behind these various thrones and armies was the very same.

Law #4:
The deeper we plunge into the Kali Yuga, the darker and denser things get, the more layers and levels of deception are employed by those who exercise true worldly power. It employs an unlimited capacity for deceit and deception in order to maintain its secrecy, and accomplishes this by stealthy buffering. Therefore, it does become ever so more difficult to trace true mundane power back to its actual source. Hence, it becomes an exercise in futility in which many are engaged. The many layers/levels are interposed as buffers for protection and concealment, out of necessity. It is often this same form of expedient necessity that drives the countless misguided agendas issuing from the pinnacle of worldly power.

Law #5
At the end of the day – every day – whoever it is that runs the world answers to the very same Highest Power that you and I do. In fact, it is only through the Will of the Highest Power that those who operate at the pinnacle of earthly power even exist, much less control what happens here in the world of men.

Law #6
Regardless of how we feel about it, those who run the world are simply doing their job. They are doing exactly what they were, and are, tasked to do. They have their own destiny, as we have ours. They are completely subject to the outworking of their personal and collective karmas, as we have ours. In this darkest of ages, they represent the shadow sides of ourselves, which we must come to understand if we are ever to break free of their control matrix.

Law #7
At its very core, life on planet Earth is nothing more than a test. The Global Control Matrix (GCM), which is directed by those at the peak of worldly power, assists in maintaining a system of planetary control whereby no one can ever get away with anything. This highly controlled system has its own rules and regulations, some of which seem to be totally unreasonable, irrational, and downright crazy. Others seem purposefully destructive, divisive and self-defeating. Still others appear to be completely unjust, discriminatory and unfair.

For Those Disposed to Kindergarden

Divine Intervention is now taking place on a dramatic, unprecedented basis – worldwide.

This is causing a complete, systematic failure of the war machine on every level.

Guns will not fire. Radio and satellite communications systems are breaking down – right when they are needed most. Airplanes and tanks will not start. Bombs will not deploy.

Even more surprisingly, dozens of underground bases have now been completely emptied out – beginning on August 23, 2011.

This is terrifying to the occult Cabal that has seized control of much of the financial system, as well as the governing and judiciary bodies of several of the top nations in the world.

In my epic work "Financial Tyranny" I outline the problems we face, and who is responsible for them – with an incredible amount of supporting evidence.


The Cabal has been directly contacted by the people who are responsible for doing this. These intervening ET groups are human, like us – in fact, they are our long-lost relatives.

Humans on Earth are, in fact, a hybridized race – from multiple, independent points of origin during the last 200,000 years.

The Cabal has been told they must stand down – in order to protect the Earth and its many forms of life, including its people.

The people who are forcing the Cabal to surrender are not evil or negative at all. They are the guardians and protectors of our planet.

There appears to be no accident in why our protectors are intervening now – and why they have not done anything like this before.

Ancient civilizations were well aware of the cycle that seems to be behind the timing of this unprecedented Divine Intervention. They recorded the evidence in thousands of different forms over time.

The ultimate outcome of this cycle appears to be nothing less than the spontaneous, quantum evolution of what it means to be human.

The Divine Intervention we are now seeing seems to be intended to insure that we will go through this process without being thrown into complete chaos and destruction on a worldwide level.
And, contrary to what anyone might think, I'm finding some consolation in this craziness. I have to report that, for however nutty it is, it's still more worthy than what you call the world.