there hasn't been a method to my madness today

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But, if you listened to Judy Wood while I was griping about my search for the ultimate leggings, and then caught the gist of what Ben was telling Morris, you just might be disposed to try on hearing Dr. Welby as though he were Dr. Moreau. I know the knee jerk, the preset default, for all of us is to flip out about Fukushima and get sucked into a bottomless vortex of existential doomishness. That is precisely why we need to get a grip on ourselves. If our fears are well-founded, we need to get clear enough to function. If we have missed the part about updating our own presets to include new information, maybe, just maybe, we need to stop. And look.

I can't hang with the general lack of concern being shown by our government. I know people like to chalk it up to their generally genocidal imperviousness to our welfare, but they are never impervious to their own. And, even though he might be wrong, if you think Ben Fulford is the kind of maniac who would publicly and emphatically downplay the seriousness of this situation, even if he did not live only a hundred and twenty five miles from it, which he does... well... excuse me, but you definitely need a tune up.

So, for me, between knowing that even lizards from outer space sicken and die from radiation poisoning, knowing that we do in fact have radiation remediation technology, and that there have been at least two reliable sources indicating there is as yet no radiation problem in Tokyo, I'm leaning heavily on the side of this fucker being in the game to help control the public reaction. Gunderson is entirely too much like Stephen Jones, dripping with Mittyesque indignation, and he is, beyond a doubt, the go-to guy for expertise in the matter of the Fukushima disaster. Just like Jones is the go-to guy for expertise in the matter of the physics of 9/11.

Judy Wood is the expert on 9/11 and, in fact, is maybe our connection with the expert, whoever it turns out to be, on Fukushima. No? I think yes. At the very least, I can say I would trust her advice on it and I completely don't trust Gunderson's. The thing that made me start questioning was his stultifyingly near total lack of affect. I'm with you, Alex Jones has enough affect for all of us, but that does not mean we leave it out as a tool in our efforts to gauge the ingenuousness of certain public people.

Helen Caldicott and Chris Busby have pretty much been neutralized as experts and Gunderson has supplanted them. Now, I am wary of both of them because they really have given their lives to defeating humanity's use of nukes, and that makes them less likely to give credence to any mitigating indications, but that they should remain so almost completely ignored and so many clinging to Milquetoast instead? Nope. Been there. Done that.

So. I continue to do what I can to fortify myself against radiation damage, but I feel we need to start getting the courage of our convictions, get to the bottom of this stuff, and stop being blown helplessly by the winds of witlessness in response to each new extinction-level calamity they can throw at us. Ben is right. It's a giant psyops.