this tears it

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Clif High is suffering from bad mental derangement. I should not have bothered to pick him apart in his appalling first hour with Henrik the other day because the hours that came after it made it abundantly clear enough that the man is out of his head. Perhaps it was all that LSD he did as a kid. Perhaps it was fumes from something very toxic. Perhaps it was a high IQ that just could not get along without its ego. Whatever it was, it isn't curable. It's far too advanced. The bad part is that people do listen to him.

He's a fucking basket case, okay?

I started out wanting to take him apart line-by-line, but it's too pathetic for me. Maybe I'll get a surge of interest in mentioning some of it later, but, for right now, this is just too stupid to credit. The first video in the playlist is the one we listened to the other day. The last two are the members hour and so might not stay up all that long.


If he had been using the geiger counter he has now back then, before Fukushima, he'd've gotten lots more clicks per minute. The radiation he says got here a month after Fukushima got here a week after Fukushima. He's full of shit and doesn't know what he's talking about.

The rest of the stuff he's spouting here is about as well thought out... or, better stated, completely off the mark.