a different kind of pathetic

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A brilliant exposition of the ravages of inactivism, you can listen and see the green beams of stupidity and greed fouling the mindscapes of humans if you detach from what you already think and just listen.

The whole AGW thing might well be complete horseshit, but the dire condition of our planet is not. Serious action needs to happen a few decades ago.

If you don't want people being forced to curtail their reproduction, or, alternatively, to be euthanized by our billions, you have to abolish money. You might think it's all good as long as people can afford the kids they have. The PLANET can't, you brainless fucks. It's perfectly feasible to have a population this huge if that population does not subtract from the planet's ability to sustain life. But if you are unwilling to change the global culture, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the consumerism, you are left with trusting psychopaths to deal with this as suits them best.