drake drops a bomb

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I don't know how we got from a peaceful takeover and mass arrests to trying to hammer out a peace treaty before all out war, but, well, there you are. Ben mentioned a couple days ago that these fucks were trying to play nice:
The cabal that illegally seized power in the Western world and attempted to set up a fascist world dictatorship known as the New World Order is trying to negotiate a peaceful transition to a saner planet. Although there is much we cannot discuss in order not to endanger ongoing negotiations, the talks are focusing on how to smoothly carry out a transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and how to arrange a harmonious rapport between East, West, North and South. It is not clear, however, if the families that own the US Federal Reserve Board are acting too late and offering too little to prevent a revolution against their secret government.
But I just thought he was filling in with some poorly-sourced wishful thinking.

Maybe not....