i just can't forget that princeton lecture

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It was a few years ago, someone pontificating on slow food. She mentioned how it was against the law for peasants to eat meat back in feudal times... the last feudal times... and, excuse me, gluttony is justifiably risible behavior, but eating only vegetables and water is much more than just a way to lose weight. It's lethal if one keeps it up. It weakens you considerably, and quickly, and then it kills you.

If you are eating like most Americans right now, you are, in a fundamental way, nearly eating like Daniel, even when you do eat meat. So many nutrients are gone, and so many fillers and toxins and chemicals have replaced them, that the whole problem seems to be this righteous lack of nutriment, this conviction that the masses should not be allowed real food... that the masses should be convinced they are eating like kings as we are being starved into stunted lives....

I'm looking for the lecture at the Princeton site, but all I have found is THIS one. I don't think it's the right one—seems to me it was a woman—but maybe interesting anyway.