inside the box

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I think real people looking for meaning are going to be looking outside the box, don't you? Yes, there are plenty of con artists waiting out there to slake that thirst for sanity... mindfuckers... donations junkies... psychopaths... the same array as inside, only singing another tune.

You have your blue pill media, and your blue pill media pretending to be red pill media. That red pill is hard to find. It demands a type of clarity not readily available, even to the best of us in these bleak times.

Despite finding many of his reports strange, I'm still hearing ingenuous tones out of Ben. A sixteen-year-old under house arrest, with no charges, has WRITTEN him about the mass arrests. He answers:
A lot of people have been asking why the arrests do not take place. The answer is that the cabalists are surrounded by about 30,000 highly paid armed guards. Also, they control the US military and its nuclear arsenal. They have been trying to start WW3. It means we have a hostage situation and that requires patience as we slowly cut them off from their money.

That is the bad news.

The good news is that apart from the US and Europe, most of the rest of the world has already freed itself from their rule. Last week they promised $513 billion to help poor people and the environment. A few years ago that $513 billion would have been handed over, no questions asked, to the cabal.

We do not know when the final liberation of the US and Europe will take place but we are hoping for some good news in the autumn. In the meantime, keep to the moral high ground and do not give them any excuse to bully you. Then, if they do bully you, you can charge them with a crime. Good luck and rest assured that most of the rest of your long life you will be free.
This is pretty much in line with the SCO plan I have been talking about for years... slowly cutting off the cash flow, no single move enough to provoke military action, until they are too poor to keep it up... the plan to avoid WWIII. It keeps getting darn scary, only to ebb, and then flare up again. They are walking on egg shells, but they are not backing down.

I am reminded of all those years of us pitying the Soviets and Eastern Europe "behind the iron curtain", subject to random arrest, to arbitrary imprisonment, propaganda instead of journalism.... I don't think their food was poisoned, but there wasn't enough of it most of the time. Everything we heard from behind that curtain was that the masses were hoping against hope for liberation from the West.

I think most of us in the West need to do our best to take in that we are now the befuddled masses we used to pity. We are the ones who should be hoping against hope for liberation by the East.