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I have been loath to even look after whatever's going on with Neil Kramer for quite some time. When I first found him, there were some dazzlingly good interviews and lectures online to absorb, but it seems I came upon him right about the time he was being ruined by popularity. An unbearable thickness of accent descended upon him and listening became for me like being drown in some toxic quicksand. I am acutely sensitive to people whose drive to think well of themselves overtakes their sense. I felt the shift in Kramer instantly.

Popularity ruins all but authentically enlightening beings.

He has still some good points to be made, even as we must suffer his self-regard to hear it, but it feels as though very soon there won't be any points worth the quicksand.

This is violently apparent with Max Igan, and Clif High, that they have lost any gleam of authenticity as they lock themselves back inside their immortal egos, and Kramer is there as well. Soon there won't be any contact with the outer world.

This is a supremely difficult trap, a glue pit the size of the Pacific Ocean, and seriously makes me question the value of their contributions, continually leaving me torn between bringing up the concepts at all or trusting to karma to find better sources.


No. Really. There is a galactic mob of spiritually stuck humans desperate for the pill, the wave of the wand, the blast from the center of the cosmos that will set them free, turn them into the pristine being that dies agonizingly slowly of starvation in each human heart. What do we do? How can we get there? Please, Mr. Authority, TEACH us how to meditate, show us the way. We will be your fans, watch every video, read every book, spread links across the limitless expanses of cyberspace, insure your fiscal integrity for life. Just make us believe and keep giving ways to keep believing. Some [stupid] people love to display the immortal skepticism and insist enlightening being is a solitary path they will handle on their own... the way to stay aloof from the accusation of being airy fairy while still keeping the big toe in... and so stupid as to make bliss ninnies look like Einsteins.

Kramer is all commercialism.

Dharma is never sold. The real thing is always free. It might be refused you, but that only means you aren't worth the investment. The true seeker will not be deterred by this, will work harder to be found worthy of guidance. Yes, yes, three or four people on this planet can actually do it on their own, but that certainly isn't you. So buy what Kramer has to sell if you think it has value, but do not deceive yourself that merely buying and reading it or watching it or listening to it or linking to it has merit. There may be some nuggets there. That's the only value.