reactor four is down

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They have dismantled the remains of Daiichi #4. Hallelujah. The screaming and wailing about it might finally stop. I hope they do it to the rest of the place soon. I'm not kidding.

At this point, all signs of doing anything at Fukushima are welcome here, even though I've noted that the numbers on RADIATION NETWORK are slightly higher on the west coast lately. I still don't think we know how little radiation is coming out of Fukushima. Why are the readings THIS low in Japan?

The crane involved in dismantling #4 seems to have held up nicely for the job, even though people were saying it's too radioactive there for any equipment to hold up. Does anyone yet start to get the idea we may be getting the wrong story?


Listening to an internet radio guest waxing all disgusted that a Japanese official has said it's perfectly safe to move back to Fukushima. Can't help it, it strikes me to ask, What if that is the truth?