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I want to remind you that I made a radical change in my position on protest some years back. I went from screaming for revolution every time I turned around, proudly showing Beach Impeach banners, the works, to imploring everyone to think more radically than that. Protest still worked, to a certain extent, back when I was a kid. Nowadays, the only way protest takes hold is when groups are funded to make it happen. It only happens when infrastructure is put in place. The people providing that infrastructure, for the most part, need to be paid, at least their expenses, or it cannot happen. Yes, lots of times it is volunteers, but they are working under funded organizations, coordinating with them.

The only good that can come of them is revolution.

And that has to have the participation of the masses or it amounts only to the excuse needed for authorities to crack down. Even then, though, history tells us, it's at best only respite. Equally pernicious forces are always the first to supplant the old guard... and turn into the old guard... either because they are as hypnotized as the old guard, all their actions amounting to the same things, or because the old guard simply debauches them, sways them, mindfucks them back into that old paradigm.

The only sane way to proceed is for "white hats" in key positions to turn on the powers that be... that secret technology — stuff the masses will not be coerced into giving up — free energy foremost among them — be released and put into operation. That's going to mess up the control mechanisms in a big way. That makes it centuries worth of difficulty to undermine.

At least half the people visiting this blog like to flatter themselves that this proliferation of persons out there assuring us that there are forces working to bring down the cabal is just a bunch of liars pandering to bliss ninnies so they won't feel the pressure of their own inaction in the face of global slaughter, in the dystopian nightmare everywhere in evidence... preferring, I guess, to just fill their own inaction with self-congratulation for this wisdom... or something....

Since I have no way of verifying most of it, and have devoted so many hours to finding out about it as much as I possibly can, learning to understand it with whatever other indicators available, I have been able to state that it would be the sane response to conditions, whether or not it is happening. I have added to this that, if it is not happening, speaking of it this way would be the best hope of bringing it into being, and especially when coupled with people meditating together to help bring it about.

I think that's really a better outlook, based more on reality than the classical resort to cynicism fronting for dignity, or the as classical resort to baseless optimism. We are swimming in a cosmos of delusion, and that the typical human urge in response to such a quagmire is to immediately pare it down to a manageable set of imperatives, in actuality, in no way militates in favor of that being the right thing to do. No. On planet Earth, those who get to dictate what serves as actual, what people will call actual, are the ones who by artifice or cash make things happen.

Who are they? Are they only the psychopaths in the cabal? Will you only stand up and move if there are mansions and personal jets waiting on the other side for you? Is that so?