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I have been trying for weeks to endure Max Igan's weekly broadcasts in case there's stuff in there you should consider, but I just cannot take it anymore. This guy is so not enlightened....

But he says some cool things that tend to point one toward the root problem if you are just flat out completely unaware that there might be anything other than the world system as you've been taught to see it. Is there anyone here still that unclear? Probably not, or maybe, but might be good to have a link for others...?

I decided to endure this, where I just can't muster it for his regular broadcasts anymore, because he's got people asking him questions, taking him out of his rut onto subjects not in his rut. He leaps out of his rut, grabs the subjects, leaps back into his rut, and then answers them.

He's still addled with memes. He thinks revolutions get co-opted because they are violent. No, Max. No! Snap out of it! They get co-opted because that way lies control. If they're not violent, so much the easier.

I have decided to start compiling some of the memes running this world that irk me the most. At some point I'm coming out with a little list with snappy comebacks that maybe crack open coconuts.

Yeah, yeah, he's so fixated on not seeming to be inciting violence that he is blind to what a jackass he sounds like, but I'm fed up. It irks me the more coming out of him because the man is constitutionally incapable of speaking without reference to his own transcendental superiority. He makes it sound so damn cuddly that few are going to penetrate it, but this means to me that whenever I link him I have to remind you that you should be listening only for purposes of reminding yourself, or for getting clues for discussions with others. This man is not about your liberation, and it's the worse because he has no idea this is so.