easy targets for the lazy-minded

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I think the proliferation of people jumping onto Ben's Thing is about confusing the issue so hopelessly no one will be able to tell reality from fantasy. He was the only one talking about this for a long time. He managed to get enough attention that it became necessary to make a mess of this the moment the Keenan lawsuit was filed. That was the stick of real world evidence he needed, and that means serious, serious, serious mindfucking and terror tactics are needed to turn it into a circus.

Many people seem to think that Drake is being deceived. All I can say is that he seems darn willing. I had a dream years ago that a guy with his voice, a transient and his wife, in West Virginia, came onto the scene to harm us. I thought it was about the idiot shill for the Democratic-Fascists with the internet radio show there at the time. Maybe not.

I have been working very hard to stay abreast of this because I'm trying to get some kind of handle on communicating with sentient beings. I'm so sick of plodding left brain paternalistic claptrap from mental midgets I could just open up my mouth and scream and scream and scream. If I have to endure the sophistry of "intellectuals" another hour, I might kill myself. It's too stupid to be borne, too lethal to feed. Like trolls. Only even more smug.

And, unfortunately, way too easy here on Endurance.

There's a whole array more wuwu types going nuts with this. But they're as risible as the intellectuals. Not worth the bottomless pits of time involved in helping them out of their bottomless pits of delusion. No. I'm gravitating to sane... in a psychotic world. That, of course, is definitely going to sound cracked to the lazy-minded.

Yesterday, my eyeprints splatted upon David Icke becoming even more explicit in his effort to elevate himself at others' expense. I can see why Clif High would stoop so low. I can see why any number of struggling internet entrepreneurs would, but I'm with Wilcock on this point. It floors me that Mr. Pedophile Shapeshifter Lizards or Mr. Mind Controlled Assassins or Mr. Internet Linguistic Predictions Software opens his yap to be snide about the age-old White Hats working to take down the Black Hats completely earthly dynamic that has been played out on every level of human endeavor since time began.

No, no, sanity is wishful thinking! Be my kind of Out There or fuck off and die!

And we've got the still asleep dissing the snot out of the trying to awaken left and right. I'm lumped here, going, look! Either you realize the broad shape of actual technology—and factor that in—or go back to your internal combustion engine and your faculty tea parties. Let the people trying to get a grasp of the actually real have a rest from what you've only been trained to call real.

I mean, it's okay to have to argue it out, and it's preferable not to have to stop and get paranoid about who's disinfo and whether it's on purpose, but this shit is seriously wasteful of our no time. Who did I hear wailing recently about the masses being "spectators"? I've been screaming about that for so long I can't even remember when I started anymore. We are not TV characters! Not cartoons. Those people we are killing are just like us! Sane people do not treat this stuff like a TV show. They begin doing whatever is in their power to counter it.

That's where Benjamin Fulford came in. He got Rense's attention. Which got ours. He fell out with Rense a few months after Fukushima because he felt Rense was using him to sensationalize about radiation that Ben could not confirm with geiger counters in Tokyo. Sometime later Wilcock interviewed him... and others... but as soon as the Keenan lawsuit was filed, bip bam, suddenly everybody and their brother were snatching bits of this and running with them.

Now a lot more are also making hay on the negative side.

There are a lot of people out there working very hard to stop the psychopaths. Some of them are dying in it. The one out of all these people purporting to be reporting on it or engaged in it who has stayed impeccable is Ben. He immediately tells when he finds out he's been deceived. He doesn't waste hours of our time blathering when we're trying to get news. He doesn't engage in mudslinging. He doesn't go on about himself. He answers all genuine questions, even rudely put ones. He admits when he's wrong. He cuts off communication when anyone tries to drag him into the bullshit. I don't recall him ever saying ETs were involved. Or angels. There have been a few times when I was rolling my eyes over some utterly fantastical statement he made and then found out he was right.

He is clearly trying to be shut of his conditioning and deal with reality. No matter how weird it seems to anyone. My kind of guy.