if yer brain is not too pickled

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I need to recommend this to you. I realize people's brains glaze over and political defaults replace sense when trying to pay attention to this stuff, but this guy has done a darn clear job of outlining the problem, even though he is not of the ilk we bleeding heart liberal fascists think we need to hear it.

Personally, I'd like to knock his block off for being a capitalist pinhead, and MAX KAISER's, but by far most of the people continue to insist on this shit, despite how obviously lethal it is, and despite how we've seen over and over and over again that it is impossible to straighten out and keep straight. At least make an effort to get completely clear on it.

There are people out there, this guy, making it simple enough not to make your brain explode. The fate of the planet depends on your ability to suss this stuff.