this looks promising

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Yan and I have been grousing about the aimlessness and lack of a punchline in some of these movies dealing with timelines and reincarnation. He says this one doesn't suffer from those defects. I have great hopes for it.

I may kick back and watch this before I try to suss the Keshe material. I awoke yelling in leg cramp pain today. It won't do to awaken me with ten-alarm fires. My synapses are splattered all over the walls and ceiling, so I'm thinkin' possibly some coffee and a cigarette or two while taking this in might give me the space and absorption to recover myself.

I mean, it was unwise for me to watch the autism clip in this condition. Bloody murder shot through my cosmos and it took a stupendous amount of will not to record my screams for mass assassination and link you to them here.

I need to settle down.

Oh... ya think, nines?