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I forgot to link you to the latest with Joe and George. I like listening to them, mostly, just to engage myself with some attempts at meaningful interaction. I'm getting a little bored with Farrell continually coming up with non-solutions he only calls solutions, though. I mean, excuse me, but in what dimension might he consider a discussion such as he's suggesting might take place?

To accomplish Farrell's ideas for progress, we would need strong local structures that can interact authoritatively with each other. This would involve the overthrow of just about every government on earth. Actually, Libya used to be a good model for this kind of government. The figurehead had to be able to please the tribes. Anyway, that's not happening anymore, and the powers that are, to one degree or another, would resist this strongly. So Farrell's self-righteous pronouncements really only amount to another plea for revolution.

So we have the popular pleas for the oligarchs to be less stingy, and the not as popular pleas for revolution. The psychopaths are completely unopposed by the people. It is only their internal power struggles still to be decided.

If we are unwilling to at least pull together in little ways to step out of the mainstream, and I don't see too many doing that, all our hopes must be pinned on it serving the winners to be mellow.