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This is one of the best Michael Tsarion videos. He tells a lot about himself and explains a lot about Heidegger, which in turn helps me grok where Tsarion is coming from with his vexing exaltation of the self thing. I mean, he started out talking about how he thought the advent of ego was in response to global cataclysm, a species-wide defense mechanism after mega-trauma... which implied to me that he understood it isn't exactly a healthy feature of human being... but now he's four square on the side of it and against "unity" or "oneness"... which is a goofy way we all have of skipping over truth too recondite to be discussed satisfactorily.

Fine, fine if the rest of you are too thick to care, but I know it makes a difference to at least Phil, besides me, so skip it if yer gonna damn do it, but don't forget it will be to your own detriment....

I put this on for myself this morning, trying to catch some Z's. Just too bumpy out there in white noise land and Tsarion, when he doesn't sound as though he's about to strangle someone, is one of the very best voices for letting me sleep. It's sort of as though everything is going to be alright when he's talking.

I was too interested for it to immediately work, but it did work until I was rudely awakened by a maniacal weed-whacker a couple hours later. So I got up, busied myself with some pills and switched it back on to approximately where I dropped off. But too soon again I was sound asleep.

So, I've heard this before, and linked it before, but it is being much better now to hear. I'm going to stay awake for it now, and I can assure you that there is a lot of great stuff in here.

I'm now solid on the ego melding with the unconscious thing, which is something akin to what's going on with Zen, but I still have to think if this way would bring about the optimal result... the true human.... And, you know, if you have something to say on this point, I would welcome hearing about it.