dangerous jackass

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Excuse me, but is there any way a brown dwarf could roll into our vicinity without half the amateur astronomers going postal? Could somebody gag this harpie? There are still legions of bliss ninnies who follow her stuff. The loss of what grounding in reasonableness she had has rendered her a menace to consciousness itself. No? Yes.

Seriously, last year, there was some utterly ridiculous crap going on in the Camelot/Avalon axis. Eliza Doolittle's father showed up to inform them of the PTB's plans to ruin them. They spoke defiantly and courteously by turns. Bill headed for a redoubt in the mountains of Ecuador, but Carrie, evidently, decided to take the lollipop. No? Yes.

Will somebody please correct me if I am overlooking something salient?

This is just too stupid to be borne. Every single time I peep through my fingers to see what bullshit is up over there the news is worse.

Couldn't one of those aliens just oblige and abduct her?