i notice a renewed effort to lull us about clouds

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We are supposed to chalk it all up to the wild diversity of cloud formations natural to this planet. A bunch of what is up there in our atmosphere is not the kind of natural they'd have us expect. HAARP, radars, pollution, chemtrails and maybe even ETs, all come to bear.

I guess I just need to stress that this world is only possible insofar as people will agree to whatever story the powerful wish to present. This is a travesty much larger than Jupiter... and any of us succumbing to the conceit that our facility with the intertubes has saved us from the ignominy of being a mentally conditioned useless eater needs to wake the fuck up if we want that conceit to be in any way viable.

I have caved to the convenience and safety from untenable intertube headaches of this Google crap, but I have been noticing for a long time now that I can't manage to google up anything worth my attention anymore. No, I don't switch over to other engines because they return even less and would soon conform to the same lack of actual inclusiveness as with the Google results.

I heard someone saying last night that this is resolved by using a proxy that tells the engine you're in another country... say, Germany. Suddenly you can get results that talk about things that are actually going on. What a concept. What a concept, no?

You need to really think about this, and remain vigilant. One of the only things just about everyone can agree on is that the MSM is total propaganda and actively pumping us with disinformation. Yet, every time I turn around I hear Alex Jones, or James Corbett, trying to sanctify the nonconspiratorialness of their reportage by mentioning that the MSM even says so too... like the real translation of what they are reporting is, "Hey, I'm not a nutcase. The MSM agrees with me!"

They don't ever stop and correct themselves. They don't ever say, "Hey, wait! By my own lights, if the MSM agrees with me, I'm full of shit." We are so entrained to feel that the proper citations turn our ideas into reality that a cosmic wall builds up between us and the truth. Over and over and over and over and over again we find that the most exalted experts have been talking out their asses and still we don't stop looking to cite them to shore ourselves up wherever we might.

Nobody, not even me, is happy with the truth of the matter, that each must confirm the veracity of whatever comes into our consciousness by ourselves alone. No one, no one, we ever have only called an authority actually is an authority.

And, no, this is not my cue to go all bliss ninny on you and cede that your truth is as viable as mine. I'm a wreck, okay? But the chances truly are that your truth isn't as viable mine, if only because I really do try so hard to see past the lies and mental errors tap dancing on all our foreheads.

Actuality is actual. There is fundamental reality. It isn't debatable. It's up to each of us to accord with it, to see it and accord with it. There will be no controversy about what it is then. There might be about how to go forth from it, but not about what it is.

I'm going crazy over our failure to get even this far... even the best and the brightest of us... and you have to get over feeling you need to combat being found stupid or deceived in order to see the real before you can ever accord with it. You are stuck in an agony of limbo instead of life for every minute of your one chance if you don't get with it.

The stakes are not insignificant. I'm not condemning you. I'm begging you to jump out of your pit of suffering, your self-imposed hell, and help me fix the cosmos.