john b's banking spanking

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He had four different guys on to dis the fuckers.

I am somewhat at sixes and sevens over the future of my doctoral studies. I want to find every bastion of Out There out there and investigate it thoroughly. I want to find people thinking outside the box. I want to find people qualified to hold forth on truth. Not mere truthfulness, but the real reality. This is no mean feat.

I have given up on the little cosmos of bliss ninnies who have attached themselves to Ben's Thing. Exhaustive investigation has yielded naught but breathtakingly shallow and brutally hypocritical igits who obviously feel spiritual advancement comes with the proper combination of nutritional supplements.

I have been patient as heck with these people, looking for what roads to real communication might be mapped from knowing that scene, and there are none. Even the classic routes are barricaded and armed guards patrol. The crowning blow was listening to one of them being interviewed by a guy whose idea of a new internet radio show is to interview the bloggers of the New Age. He was interviewing the fellow in Hawaii whose only contribution to life on the tubes is to create mp3s of various audio opportunities so people can download them from him instead of BlogTalk or wherever... in other words not much of a contribution... but a way to avoid sites one despises to get the audio I guess.

Anyway, he is, if you believe his intermittent posts on his own popularity pretty popular as blogs go. So, I wanted to listen. Well, finding out about his life and attitudes was loosening my teeth. He calls himself a light worker. I always thought that term meant guys with klieg lamps fighting the dark side. A feather has more gravitas than this fuck. There is nothing nice or light or enlightening about his life, his activities, his outlook.

He's a pig.

A danger to living things. And, if you think about it, the worst assholes really would be most at home where no one could muster the invective to call them on it. And the ones with enough moxie to muscle their way out of wet paper bags are still so addled by one prejudice or other that they are only a marginally more active waste of time.

Ben Fulford, while only eight years younger than I am, seems more into stuff people twenty years younger enjoy. He's big into smoking pot and legalization issues. He has made a heroic effort to show certain behind-the-scenes cabal activities in whatever light he is equipped to shed on them... but... the only takers seem too damn flaky to help keep some kind of bead on it. So I guess I will keep an eye on his missives, but I don't have much hope left that some kind of coherent understanding can come of it.

The fact that he pays no attention to the soap operas arising from his thing is both admirable and vexing. It's vexing because he doesn't seem to make an effort to get this into shape for serious people to try to take on. It's admirable because it means he's just telling it the way he sees it and not trying to be seen as something he's not... not trying to be a "light worker" or a hero or a radio personality or anything other than an out of the box author and journalist. Maybe he'd work harder to make it lucid and clear if less maniacal people took an interest in what he's talking about. I don't know, but the circuses arising out of what he put forth have been an appalling sight, to say the least.

So. I'm having to try to muster the fortitude to branch off, look for new pastures. I am wanting to keep my head out of politics, out of the false flags and heavy to fascist shifts in the news. I guess I will continue to try to uphold the various leaders I feel are on the right side of history, but I need to find more people talking about things that point the way out of hell for you.

And, no, I don't give a crap about the financial, economic, capitalist crap either. It's all rigged. It's all ugly. Floundering around in it is a waste of time. I link John B on it because I love his voice and some of you want to know this stuff... even if there's no chance hearing it will move anyone to fix it.

Maybe a nap....