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A noctilucent cloud is something I have seen with my own two eyes. Long after sunset. It isn't the sun grabbing a high cloud. It's a cloud that glows. It was out my window in Sausalito. It was a low cloud hovering over the bay. It was not the lights from San Francisco. Those would only have lit up the bottom, and if anything about the cloud could have been said not to have been glowing, it was the outermost parts of it, bottom, top, edges. It was weird and wonderful.

I don't do a good job of keeping up with the weather and space geeks on YouTube. I try a little harder with MR2 because he's turning it all into ways to give us energy sources we can build at home, but not really even him because it's clear he's going to have to get this right down to a parts list and instruction manual that I can just take to someone with the tools... or... just stick to my original plan of getting my psychic energy tuned so well it powers everything by itself.

So. I think this video will make better sense to those who follow this stuff more closely, but it also might make you want to look into it a little more, so, heck, here.