no good way to go

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Death is so rarely a good departure. You spend your whole life trying to avoid a bad death and then you make it to old age, locked in a "memory ward" with angry maniacs bellowing blue invective at all hours of the day and night, losers changing your diapers, and roughly, despicably tasteless food that smells like plastic has melted into it which you are too unsteady and uncoordinated to get from the plate to your mouth without incident anyway. All strangers. An agony of hours, with only one way out.

It's almost a metaphor for being young here on Endurance, too.

The only answer, ever, is to love enough to stop making your own life more precious than a beautiful world for all living things, but we just never seem to get there, now do we?

We can't go into this globalist future well. It can't be good for us. I'm talking now of the us that doesn't rise up to kill the harm, vanish it from life here. Crudely, it breaks out just now that we have psychopaths, aka space lizards, and us. They are doing a much better job of being awful than we are of being wonderful, which is part of the reason this globalization thing is impossible to redeem, part of why it sucks going into it in this way. This way is us being dragged kicking and screaming into it, in case you are still too oblivious.

There is not a way to make it okay.

To do it well and right is to have had many groups of people in on planning for it to cover everyone's needs. There have been a few groups of people in on planning for it to cover their own, twisted, urges. Humans are too small to deal with the whole earth. If we want to live on it like we are the ultimate beneficiaries of all its resources, we have to work together, putting our very best people in on the planning and maintenance of such a dream. We have not even begun to make the very most insignificant scratch in such an undertaking.

We leave it to politicians, to people owned, lock, stock and barrel, by psychopathy, by the few who have mustered the hatred for our pathetic cowardice and alienation, our unspeakably lamentable lack of will. Will is something not a one of them is short on, and you might revile them, but at least they are trying to make a better world for themselves. That's up a few on you. You're just trying to hold on, just dreaming of those crumbs Mark was talking about the other day.

You maybe could figure out how to bring this enormous mass of human animals into something approximating accord, but the space lizards own all the means, and co-opt any and every attempt to rise to it anyway. They unerringly control their opposition. If they don't have one already, they will dream one up and fund it to prevent one arising on its own. Still, if one arises on its own, that's not that much more difficult to rein... just a hassle they can avoid so easily by being clever up front, ahead of your blundering bluster and casting about for support.

I have to point out, again, that the only way to stop this, to turn it around, involves a great deal of distasteful violence and some not negligible loss of life... unless we mystically all just have a revolution of consciousness and make the world over in ways that utterly incapacitate them. Bloody revolution or mental revolution, but it has to be revolution or this continues unabated forever, for as long as there are humans from Earth.

I am dirt positive you are not grasping the vitality of this point. You do not, at least not consciously, realize this means you have to completely revolutionize your own life, your own you. And not later, now. If you are going to continue to excuse yourself from the duty to stop letting a lack of funds keep you from it, bloody revolution is our only hope. Yadda. Yadda. Right. Not good enough. Fuck you. It's so bad that not good enough at least leaves open a chance.

How many have to hang themselves first?

And if you use all this to reinforce your avid anticipation of the asteroid, you are, in fact, in word and lack of deed, helping the space lizards. Hear me, that is shitting on all sentient beings.

Humans have herd instincts and a bad tendency to magical thinking. A bunch of scholarly types decided this was all too risible to be borne and created new magic to herd the smart people, okay? I don't give a fuck how intelligent you are, you're a damn daffodil in a cow costume. And, damn right, I'm talkin' to you, Richard Dawkins.

Back in the 90s, I think it was the 90s, everybody went batshit crazy for The Celestine Prophesy. Talk about risible. People who look down their noses at the magical thinking fundamentalist bozos with an invisible friend went gaga for that stupid book, needed to be reminded daily that it was fiction. They didn't care! It was gospel! Mystically, humans would turn wonderful in the relatively near future.

Even if you could convince them that there was something they needed to do personally to bring about such wonderfultude, it never rose above talking nicely, pretending to be kind and loving while allowing their tax money to support murderating fucks perpetrating heinous slaughter on the other side of the globe and letting people starve on the streets right outside their houses.

In honor of the suicides, I gotta mention again that all this pressure to do better?

This means you.