they hate him for the same reasons i love him

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You might say that makes me a sucky American, but I think it makes me a great one. I also think it's high time my compatriots out there really got the picture about what's been going on in the fascists' attempts to take down Putin. It's been going on almost since he first became president, but, as with the rest, the Omurderator administration is doing a much more efficient job of it than poor Dubya's travesty. Smoother. Sneakier. More persistent.

I'm bothered that people don't stress what hell we made for Russia in the 90s and the strides Putin has made for his people... the big wrench he throws in the gears of the machine trying to eat us all. He deserves our love and respect. I wish all health and happiness and long life to Vladimir Putin. I wish him total effectiveness in his aims. Please, cosmos, help him against the fiends.