all night beethoven

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I watched Oldman at it. His worst performance ever. He's never bad. It must've been the director's fault.

So I decided to go through three hours of the BBC's stab at it. Just as bad.

And I don't know how long I've been looking for the ultimate performance of the 9th, but I'm giving up with this one. I think I have been ruined by A Clockwork Orange. I can't hear it any other way.

Kubrick probably got you at 2001. Not me. A Clockwork Orange nailed me. I saw it in the theater TWELVE times, Ludwig Van rumbling me into a lather somewhere above my seat, theater speakers being so excellent. I know studio music is cheating. It's still better almost every time. Doesn't hurt to have a riveting movie to go along with it.

So then I bought the soundtrack and played it full blast, top down in my MG Midget, on the four speakers of my Blaupunkt... until the tape was toast... lathering everyone I passed.