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Someone drunk on FALLACY rang in this morning, thinking, I guess, he was busting me for my use of some of them to refute Jan Irvin. You can find him somewhere down the comments thread at the image link. People are mistaking a grasp of the lingo of debating tactics for genuine intellectual rigor.

You can't use your recognition of these fallacies to use them yourself to bust others for using them... to imagine you're busting others for using them. That's just an infinite regress, pointless. This isn't the kind of mentation it is argued a good grasp of the Trivium provides. It's the mechanism of mindfucking self and others everyone should know and be able to see past, not the gage of veracity of any given theory or argument or phenomenon.

HERE is Jan Irvin trying to be a nice guy about his asshole conspiracy theory and our difficulty with the presentation of it. Note he continues to use the term "willful idiot". HERE he is talking with his mentor about Beyond the Trivium. Note the blather about the increased self-confidence of mastering the Trivium.

I can't go back over all Irvin's crap to "prove" Terence McKenna was "either an agent or a willful idiot" to point out all the places where he exposes himself as believing Terence meant it was lights out for humanity on 12/21/12, but I believe this mistake has a lot to do with Irvin's attitude as expressed in his interviews and articles and podcasts on the matter. McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory was describing a SPIRAL, and not one that ended in a point, but one that shrunk down to a point before opening back out from that point into a widening spiral.

"And then being handed back to us."

Pay attention to that line in the short McKenna video.

Google "McKenna Timewave Zero" to find a multitude of much longer discussions on the matter... if you want more indicators about what Terance really meant by it.

Terance could talk about Time Ending without meaning Being Ending because he'd had a lot of trips on hallucinogens. Time often ends, speeds up, slows way down, flips, vanishes, crenellates in such trips. Terance was talking about consciousness, about our whole world being consciousness alone and far from us ending in 2012, that we would find ourselves in a brand new reality after it. Consciousness. If consciousness is all that is, nothing but this vale of delusion would be ending at the end of this timewave.

So just as Irvin conflates a desire for population control with a desire to euthanize defectives, he conflates Terance on Time with some asshole on a mission to make us fiddle while Rome burns.

Irvin is drunk on documents. Drunk on his discovery of the Trivium being withheld from the masses to dumb us down. Drunk. He thinks, it seems, his progress up to serious inquiry from his dalliances with psychedelia has rendered his disinclination to think deeply able to pronounce upon deep thought. I am saying that he's just as much of a stoner as the guy who came on Lana's radio show to refute him.

You might agree this sort of drunken processing would be attractive to a whole lot of uneducated smart people, who aren't, unfortunately, smart enough to spot Irvin using the full book of fallacies he glories in spotting in other people's arguments to shore up a completely unreasonable theory based on nothing viable enough to prove it. Maybe we should add Appeal to Hypocrisy to the list of rhetorical fallacies....

Anyway, Irvin thinks he's busted some people trumping up the hippie ethic to fuck us over. He ignores that his thesis is based on people being expected to know stuff that was not made public for many years after the time in question. He expects everyone ever connectable through archival material to have known what he knows now and to have purposely colluded with genocidal maniacs who needed a generation full of stupefied kids to take over the world.

You're at a cocktail party and liking some notion being put forth by some chic guy. Do you stop and say, "Oh, what are your feelings on eugenics? And do you mean to rule the world by pickling us with psychedelics?" No. You don't. You don't now, and a thousand times less did you do it then, because there wasn't even any evidence that these things were being considered, let alone happening back then, and only horrified theories, mostly, about them now. Yes, DARPA dosed a lot of guinea pigs with acid back then. Yes, there were some guys here advocating eugenics back then. This was not general knowledge until much later.

Or does Irvin think Terence answered some Tavistock eugenicist stoner wanted ad?

Irvin seems to think that Tavistock people owning Esalen is revealing. I think it reveals they might have wanted to have a window into this mode of thinking by providing that venue for it. Maybe he should visit Esalen. Or talk to people who have been there. Unless the Tavistock Institute was kidnapping them in their beds and hypnotizing them to forget this experience, there's just no way what he says was/is going on there did/does go on there. One famous guy who might have had a relative who studied eugenics hanging out at a tourist destination and getting stoned with another guy who later became famous for getting stoned and making fantastical theories on the basis of his trips and wild IQ does not equal a generation turned psychedelic by space lizards' design to rule the world. It just does not.

I think Irvin shows that the PTB took an interest in civilian investigations into psychedelics... maybe even to the point of helping fund or facilitate them. This in no way shows any collusion between the researchers and the facilitators. There's no smoking gun here.

Irvin insists we visit his BRAIN DATABASE before we pick on his theory. Go ahead. I dare you.