i don't want to link this

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I don't think it's right to link scaremongering tripe and try to avoid it as best I can, but there's also a couple solid points in here you shouldn't miss... just in case you have missed them. Just remember that a little careful consideration of the shit from Quayle or a look around his website, or both, should content you that he makes his living cranking out fear porn. Neither do I trust Jim Stone. He comes out with a lot of really important points most of the time, but he also comes out with Israel paranoia that only pure hatred can cook up.

I don't have much use for them either. I think they should relocate to the South Pole, but I can't hang with dripping hate making everyone's brains explode either.

So, really, I'm posting this because of the reality checks on all the propaganda we're getting on what the Russians are calling the Arab Fall. I'm trusting you not to freak about the other shit.